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Company Stores

Is a company store right choice for me? See the questions below.

1. What is your end goal for the web store?

2. Will this be a profit center?

3. Is this store intended to be inventoried or virtual? (MOQ)

4. What is you current estimated spend on promotional products?

5. How often to you get requests or submit requests for promotional products?

6. Who is your primary target audience for using the store?

7. How would you like the web store to be marketed (short term & long term)?

8. What level of educational outreach will you be providing?

9. Do you have a current compliance policy with purchasing promotional products and how will it be enforced when using the web store?

10. Do you want items on the site that are eco-friendly?

11. Typically when a site is set up, the items are paid via Credit Card, ProCard, etc. How are your users going to purchase the items?

12. Will there be more than one logo used?

13. When do you anticipate the store opening?

14. Where do you feel the majority of the items will be shipped?